Today Fluff seems under the weather – he didn’t want his lunch and is sleeping even more than usual, also his coat seems dull.

Mystic was cavorting about the garden just now while I was wrestling with bindweed, looking half his age bless him

Felix is just going on getting things right as usual.

This is everything I wanted for them when I decided to take them in. Somewhere comfy to sleep, especially when you’re not quite the thing; a garden to wander in; a lap to quarrel over!

I am of course conscious that it can all go pear-shaped at any moment, you have to acknowledge that when you take in elderly mogs.

I continue to believe it’s well worth it – they are affectionate and seem content, what more can there be for them at this stage of their lives.

I recommend it heartily to anyone who may be wondering about adopting senior cats – just do it!

cat long-haired 1

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