It was Gandalf who said ‘He who breaks a thing to find out how it works, has left the path of wisdom.’ Or, as many others have said, ‘If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.’

After nearly 50 years of cat care I’ve made the beginner’s mistake of assuming that the darlings deserve a higher class of food.

What was I thinking?

Sorry, Whiskas, but they don’t like your Senior stuff at all. It’s made Mystic sick and someone else revert to urgent pooing in the wrong place – presumably Fluff – so wasn’t that a good idea?

In fact the cheapie one they loved was out of stock at my supermarket this week, probably because they’d already eaten it all. But it seems I should have gone for the lowest common denominator, not the posh food.

Now I’ve (re)learned that lesson, I suppose I can stop worrying and go back to spending half as much on cat food.

Presumably their tendency with that original food, to leave some bits rather than lick the plate clean, was in fact due to their having reached the point of feeling better fed and less anxious about where the next meal is coming from.

Only a fool would take precipitate action on that evidence. Umm…….

"She's very fussy about her food!"
“She’s very fussy about her food!”

2 thoughts on “CATALOGUE 24

    1. Yes, so do my mogs usually. On 32nd thoughts I wonder if there’s a bug involved, but I’ll work it out….. *sigh*


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