Cat Hot 1

A continuing story of digestion and poo. Well, in Fluff’s case not-poo, as this whole food-change debacle has left him constipated again and hardly able to stand up for his tight tummy. Fortunately he’s drinking water sensibly – they all are as it’s now much hotter weather.

I’ve put plenty of sun-cream on Mystic, but he says it’s too hot to go out.

Best Auntie Jenny came for an Earl Grey in the shade this morning, and none of them even wanted to cuddle her, so limp were they in the heat.

During our confab it emerged that one of Auntie Jenny’s cats has been sick too, and so we now wonder whether it really is a feline bug of some kind going about. Or just the heat?

Anyway, we’ve now swapped some food Jen’s cats don’t like for the food my cats didn’t like, and we await results. Mine enjoyed the swapped food, and so far no-one has been sick, so if that’s the case at Jen’s house we may have the answer – a wholesale swap of unloved food.

Mad cat ladies of the world, unite!

Cat hot 2


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