sleeping cat 1

I see there were no views on CATALOGUE 25 when it appeared on Goodreads. Is this unrelenting Tale of Poo City’ getting to be too much for people, especially in the heat?

Well, it’s not all smelly – though I know all cat-lovers will be relieved to know that Fluff overcame his constipation, and in a litter-tray too! This achievement makes up for his curious decision yesterday to sleep in a (clean) litter-tray for most of the afternoon.

The heat is definitely too much for them so I’m keeping the amount of food slightly reduced, much to Mystic’s annoyance. They spend most of the day asleep and only seek cuddles in the cool of the morning and evening.

I know the feeling. Nice though it is to cuddle one’s cats the addition of a hot bundle of fur to an already overheated self is not as nice at it is come midwinter.

Still, I’ve sun-creamed Mystic thoroughly in case he turns into a mad dog or Englishman while I’m not looking.

Must get Fluff brushed today, he found it too distressing while overfull, and I don’t want tangles creeping in.

How I ever get any writing done, I don’t know – but I do it somehow!

sleeping cat 2


2 thoughts on “CATALOGUE 26

  1. One of my kittens used to like sleeping on freshly applied litter – I think fuller’s earth must retain the heat perhaps? With another kitten in the house, the napping option didn’t last for long naturally, as the tray soon reverted to its original purpose… 😉

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