heat 1

I know this is not the hottest part of the world; it’s not even the hottest part of the British Isles. We have 25c here today, while my son and family in Kent have about 31c and my daughter and hers in Lancashire have about 29c.

But that’s pretty hot for us, adding in the humidity. I’m still two years off 70 but I find this hard to take. When you consider that two of the cats are in the equivalent of their 80s and one in his 90s it’s not surprising it’s too much for them.

Received wisdom has it that ‘cats always find a warm spot to rest.’ Not in these conditions. I may as well stop torturing Mystic with nasty suncream as he sticks strictly to the shade, when he goes out at all. When indoors they have stopped sitting IN the light patches sent through the window by the sun, and started avoiding them.

This what I’ve seen with cats in Egypt, Malta, Spain, Greece and Portugal. Admittedly it’s even hotter in those countries, but wherever it becomes hotter than usual, I believe cats have the sense to avoid the worst of the sun.

And I’m now convinced that the main factor in the eating problems of the last few days is the unwonted heat. They all enjoyed breakfast today, it was still on the cool side then. Lunch was not so exciting, and Mystic really didn’t fancy any. It’s going to be still 25c at 6.00 p.m. when they usually eat; I guess I should leave it until later this evening.

wonder if my garden is big enough for a swimming pool…..


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