Not as hot as yesterday, but still too hot to write much about how hot it is, how hot I am, and how hot the cats are.

At least when I do today’s stint on ‘The Dry Well’ a little later, I will feel the desert!

The first time I realised what an enemy the sun can be was on my honeymoon with Andrew in 1987. We went to Egypt, and after Cairo, pyramids etc were scheduled to take the overnight train to south to Aswan, and sail back to Luxor, stopping en route of course for magic places; Kom Ombo, Valley of the Kings, Edfu, Abu Simbel, Esna. Wonderful.

Sadly our train bookings had evaporated, and we had to fly. An interesting flight since our tour operator called in a friend in high rank in the Egyptian Air Force and we flew in a troop plane. With blocked toilets – let’s not go there.

So it was that I reached the nearest to the equator that I had ever been, without any acclimatisation time, by stepping out of a plane onto hot tarmac at Abu Simbel airport. The sun said ‘DIE!’ and I nearly did, with shock.

Salutary to remember that when I’m moaning about my current 24c.

The cats wish me to inform you that they hope to have more news tomorrow, if it’s cool enough to do anything. Meanwhile just carry on worshipping…



2 thoughts on “CATALOGUE 28

  1. Funny – how close is Bastet to ‘basted’… which is how most people were feeling yesterday I think! Heaven knows what it’s like wearing a fur coat as well although I think I can hazard a guess! Cool (((hugs))) to you and kittys – I’m off to get a Solero from the freezer! 😉

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