It almost rained yesterday, and was much cooler, to the cats’ delight. They are droopier again today.

Mystic has a lot to be getting on with, apart from his age and his half-ear. I’m not sure how far along he is in his nineteenth year; the refuge put a birth-date of May 5th on the three forms for the cats, but I think it’s unlikely that the dates were identical but for being two years apart. However, he’s said to be 18 and I can believe it.

He is sometimes wobbly on his legs, although he can usually manage to make it to the kitchen ahead of the slightly younger ones if there seems to be a chance of food.

The semi-detached ear is now looking pretty good, the skin’s healed beautifully and a fringe of new hair is adorning the edge. He has other skin problems though, which I’m working on.

Both his nose – the furry part – and the (white) fur above his left eye had that ‘full of black dots’ appearance you see on old white or part-white cats. Is it impetigo? Anyway, I’ve tried out a calendula healing cream above the eye, and all the black came off, leaving nice pink skin which is growing more fur again. Next time he’s resting unsuspectingly on my lap I’ll start the same treatment on the nose, and hope for similar results.

He still has a tendency to throw up, but seems well and contented, so I don’t intend to panic. If you’ve brought home elderly cats for a peaceful end-stage, you don’t want to be forever rushing them off to the vet and disturbing their peace (the cat’s peace, not the vet’s!) Old cats, like old people, are going to show the characteristics of age, and wobbly digestion is definitely one of those characteristics.

Fluff tomorrow!

cat zzz

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