cat fluffy 1

Fluff’s face is his fortune, in one sense – he’s so pretty that everyone says when they see him, ‘Oh, he’s so pretty.’

However, this tendency to appear like a perennial pretty kitten is not an unmitigated advantage. Long hair is, in many ways, a disaster for a cat.

He’s only produced one hairball since moving in with me, at least indoors. But they are a constant danger, which means a lot of brushing and combing which he really dislikes. I suspect that swallowed hair is one of the reasons for his unglamorous constipation and the discomfort that brings. (Yes, it’s still all about poo!)

His coat is growing back now after the undignified shave he had at the refuge, to clear away tangles, knots, clumps of hair and dirt (I’ll avoid the p-word for once.) Already he even has long-haired toes, very Hobbity. Soon I shall have to brush his tum as thoroughly as his back, sides, tail and ears; he won’t like it.

He loves his cuddles and his purr is world-class. He has a sort of bond with Mystic, certainly more than Felix has with either of them, but it’s a little edgy. He tends to shadow Mystic but at a discreet distance, with what comes across as a mixture of respect and apprehension.

Sweet as pie, though 🙂

Cat fluffy 2


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