sleeping cat 1

Today is a very quiet cat day. They are basically so calm and settled that there’s very little to write (writing that should change things immediately!)

Each morning Mystic is waiting for me to get up and let him into my room, and Fluff sways in after him, although he feels he has to sit and watch while Mystic gets cuddled. Actually it’s me that gets cuddled, as Mystic is even more affectionate than usual during this early morning ceremony, probably because he really, really wants breakfast. He stands up beside me on the bed and puts his arms around my neck and purrs and kisses me.

I wonder if Felix will ever be allowed to join in? Probably not if Mystic remains so dominant.

They’ve evolved a routine, though, and I’m allowed to fit in my writing, gardening, swimming and shopping around the important things – meals, changing litter trays and cuddling. My mission in life is fulfilled – what could be better?

Three happy cats 2


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