Scrap c 1973

A lifetime of cats

It began with Bingo, my Grandma’s big black and white cat named for Mr. Crosby, and Tiddles, my Nan’s tabby.

The first cat who came to live with us was a feral kitten we named Dusty, who was captured by my brave cousin Terry at the cost of several nasty lacerations, then tamed by my mother who became his favouritest person forever.  Dusty had a perfect map of Africa and India in grey fur on one of his white sides.

Another big tabby friend of mine was called Frisky, while the cat you see above was named Scrap as she was such a little scrappy thing when she came up to me at a bus-stop and after surveying the queue announced that I was to take her home at once. She was with me for 19 years.  She was an indoor cat because of her deafness, but was good at sign language.

After her came Scruffy, also named for the state he was in while he was squatting in our back garden prior to Scrap’s death. He was quite an old black and white, and we only had him for four years but he was very happy to be a house-cat instead of a stray.

His successor was Charlie, who came to us from Battersea.

He was a more than a bit bitey and scratchy, but this turned out to be due to an overactive thyroid. Her he is guarding the threshold, one of his favourite things to do.  He was succeeded by Oscar, who died far too young at 8 from a sudden nasty cancer.  A real sweetie, everyone loved him.

After losing Oscar I went in for Gericatrics, starting with Colin and Jerry;

Colin was only with me four 4 months but had a very happy summer; Jerry was nearly 19 when he died after a 16-month stay.  Which brings us to Felix, Fluff and Mystic;

Who seem unable to appear the right way up!

Lots of lovely cats belonging to friends have been my friends too, but I’ll close for now with my dear Grandcats, Ella and Billie. Billie left us early this year, just one day after Jerry.

 Note to self – must get pictures scanned of previous cats!

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