Mystic waiting for Mum

A rather sleepless night last night.

Just before bed-time Mystic had a really, really nasty upset digestive system event (am working on ways to omit the p-word) not once, but three times in succession.

Once all the scrubbing was done, we retired to our several beds, and I don’t know how the mogs slept.

I, however, fretted about rushing him to the vet this morning, finding there was something terminal wrong or having to leave him in for treatment…well, you know. I got some sleep in the end but was up early – to find Mystic waiting for our usual morning cuddle and kiss, and chirpy as you like.

I’ve put him on lighter and less food than the other two, and since waking from his post-breakfast snooze he’s been catting my footsteps asking when is second breakfast then, he’s hungry!

Mysterious Mystic! You can never get to the bottom of him (pun intended.)



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