Cats eating 1

‘Easy like Sunday morning’ is the motto for today. After my rigid enforcement of healthy eating for 36 hours, all three aged digestive systems are at peace. Or they were until I typed those words, we’ll see what happens!

I discussed with Best Auntie Jen the difficulties of feeding one cat a different diet from the other two, but actually it’s worked out OK so far. This is no doubt due to my status as a retired human and the only one in the house. Three mealtimes a day – which do not last long – are relatively easily policed, especially as Felix is already in the habit of eating in another room. And when I go out the timing of meals can be tweaked.

So now Mystic is on Hi-Life chicken, 85 grams per meal and the others are on several things, basically at the moment Whiskas 7+ (they decided they like the gravy one but NOT the jelly) with admixtures of various things they’ve sort of liked but I probably won’t buy again, usually about 100 grams per meal. I’ve got a delivery coming tomorrow which includes a special food for cats with sensitive tums, so we’ll see if Mystic likes that.

Speaking of best Aunties, I still don’t know how to break it to them that Best Auntie Jan is busy for now looking after her new puppy. They are so easily offended.

Cats eating 2


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