Cat smelly 2

Having for the time being reached a kind of equilibrium in terms of materials going into the cats and the condition of materials exiting them, I have to turn my attention to the subject of smells.

All ancient mammals smell, ourselves included – thank heavens for walk-in showers! Most of the smell comes from the litter-trays in the case of cats, but that’s the easy part, they just need changing and cleaning regularly.

The problem arises with those spots on the carpets where once there was an accident….

Cat-lady rushes to the scene with cleaner, super-strong kitchen towel and wet cloth as soon as the sudden acrid aroma alerts her to the disaster. Thorough cleaning, scrubbing, stain-removing, coughing and the onset of her asthma ensue. She sniffs the air, and is satisfied.

Five minutes later she walks that way again; smell’s back. She rushes to fetch the magic spray guaranteed to remove pet smells forever. She adds that spot to her daily spray-cycle. She decides that advertisers have a wholly different idea of the meaning of the phrase ‘remove forever’ than she has.

Over coffee, she broods on the financial feasibility of replacing the carpets with laminate floors similar to those she already has in some areas. But what about the stairs? Poor stair-carpet. 😦

Will her ultimate resource have to be Febreze, which she has always publicly castigated as an unclean thing? And in any case isn’t the ‘infallible’ pet-spray just a tweaked version of that? Whatever, they all set off her asthma.

Having the carpets cleaned seems a great idea, but then the cats will grow older and more accident-prone – how often can you steam your carpets and expect them to put up with it?

Any and all advice, suggestions, positive experience on this problem will be gratefully received by exhausted cat-lady. 🙂

Cat smelly 1


2 thoughts on “CATALOGUE 38

    1. Less noxious to me seems to mean less effective on the smell – the answer is probably even more thorough scrubbing as soon as discovered 😦


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