Cat cross about food 1

Mad cat ladies can also be very foolish if I am anything to go by.

After patting myself on the head for settling Mystic’s poor old tum with nice Hi-Life chicken, why did I decide even to try anything else? What part of ‘If it isn’t broken don’t mend it’ did I fail to understand?

In mitigation, I plead that the stuff I ordered a trial pack of online was designated for cats with sensitive stomachs, and was being sold by a reputable company. Felix and Fluff like it, and seem not to have suffered any trouble (yet – 24 hours on.)

Mystic liked it too – then it went straight through him in a liquaceaous manner and set him back 48 hours.

From now on it’s chicken, chicken and possibly a little chicken on the side.

Feel free to use any neologisms in my CATALOGUES that may appeal to you. Words are easier than cats, you don’t have to feed them.

Mystic is accepting get well cards and messages of sympathy. But he’s already much better.

Note to self – Must Do Better.

cat reproachful 2

2 thoughts on “CATALOGUE 39

  1. Naughty Mummy! It’s not fair when things that taste nice go toxic on the down and out. Perhaps it was too soon after his last upset and it might be OK after a decent, longer interval – chicken all the time isn’t so bad really, though 😉

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    1. Well tis very expensive too, so chicken for the foreseeable! Would be quite happy with that myself, come to think of it!


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