cat knitting 2

It promised to be a nasty day for cats yesterday, but their rainy afternoon was brightened by the arrival of Best Auntie Jen.

They at once abandoned their seats and clustered round her, purring, sitting on her lap, snuggling beside her, and just missing her cup of Earl Grey with their wavy tails.

Felix knew, though, that she’d really some specially to see him. After all, she’d brought a bag of special Felix-toys with her.

A crochet-hook, some nice yarn, and a nice long piece of crochet-work, which she kindly waggled about in her hands so that Felix could leap at them and help her. What a kind Auntie.

He was puzzled when she kept saying, ‘Oh, Felix!’ and putting all the nice things back in the bag. However, she then took lots of yarn out of the bag again and rolled up a small ball of it for him to chase around the floor. Even kinder Auntie!

So he chased it once, and then looked at Auntie Jen. ‘It’s not waggling.’ he said.

So then Auntie Jen had to chase the yarn and dangle it for Felix. You don’t get any nicer Aunties than that.

She did manage to drink her Earl Grey, but the crochet didn’t grow very much.

Felix can’t wait till their next play-date.

cat knitting 1

One thought on “CATALOGUE 40

  1. “Oh Felix” I think was the response, it is so true that cats are time wasters, I love nothing more than playing with cats and the end of a ball of wool. He really did enjoy it as well. Best Auntie Jen will bring some more another time. Xxx


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