In praise of serendipity.

Ever since the mogs came home, one of my concerns has been an open sore on Mystic’s nose, which he washes daily, thus removing any scab that has had a chance to form.

I’ve tried various healing creams on it but with no real result.

Recently I purchased a new sun-barrier cream for his pink bits, called ‘Filta-Bac.’ I’d tried a human one as several people had said that would be OK, but Mystic wriggled and fussed, when I put it on, I think because of the smell.

Filta-Bac seems not to trouble him, and I can cover all the danger-spots easily. It dries in quickly and forms a kind of ‘second-skin’ barrier. On the second day I noticed that it had also formed a nice hard cover on the hole in the nose! The cream is advertised as anti-bacterial, and it seems to be healing that spot as well as keeping the bad rays off.

He still knock that ‘lid’ off sometimes, but the area is smaller and seems to be scabbing. Fingers crossed, and paws too!



2 thoughts on “CATALOGUE 41

    1. I do hope so, with only 1.5 ears he can’t afford to lose 0.5 of a nose! If only the pong could be dealt with so easily…..perhaps serendipity will step up to the mark again! ๐Ÿ™‚


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