cat smile 1

O Felix Felis!

Felix, as you will have gathered by now, is the one who feels himself to be the odd one out, the spare wheel, the piggy in the middle, the lonely heart.

Fluff and Mystic just ignore him a lot of the time.

However, I want to assure you that he knows his mummy loves him, and I do wish I’d had a camera to hand yesterday when another person who loves him made his day.

Best Auntie Jen came over for a cool drink, a natter, and some bartering. She settled on the bench outside, and I went to fetch the cool drink. Felix did exactly what my dear late Jerry used to do; he recognised auntie’s voice, and came hastily out of his private room to see her. When I got back with the drink he was snuggled in her arms with one of those expressions of bliss and smiley purriness that are the main delight of people who live with cats. It’s nice to see him living up to his name.

Mind you, the other two love auntie as well, but Fluff couldn’t be bothered to wake up, and Mystic wandered around our feet a bit without committing himself too enthusiastically.

Today I bought my new secret weapon, finally convinced by Best Auntie Jen and Vacuum Auntie that I’ll do better to scrub the laminate/clean the carpet accidents when they occur with a dollop of ‘biological’ detergent. I’ve been worried about the effect on my asthma, but convinced by the word from a vet that this helps to stop cats coming back to spots they’ve used before, as the enzymes in the detergent overcome the enzymes in the deposits.

Have compromised by buying liquid rather than powder as it has to be used in water anyway and is non-particulate so less likely to physically assault my respiratory system…..

One hopes.

Oh look, we’re back to the p-word again!

cat smile 2

2 thoughts on “CATALOGUE 43

    1. He didn’t stay too long, he does like to make it clear that he walks by himself – but he took a lot of bliss with him! 🙂


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