Panic set in at 5.00 p.m. yesterday as I made myself a post-writing cuppa tea and sat down in the living room.

Mystic came up to sit on my lap and I noticed he was not opening his left eye very far.

Upon inspection it was red, sore-looking and inflamed, so I hastened to the phone and found the vet was open till 6.00.

Pausing only to change from slippers to shoes I stuffed the surprised Mystic into a carrier and hurried to the vet. That is, I tried to hurry but everyone else on the planet decided to drive along my own personal vet-route at once, as slowly as possible. A ten-minute journey took me thirty minutes.

The vet checked everything and pronounced inflammation, not infection, so now we have eyedrops in both eyes twice daily for a week, and anti-inflammatory medicine once daily. The latter is a liquid which Mystic cheerfully swallows along with his meals, what a good cat. Eye is looking better all ready, it may take me a while to recover though!

His majesty will be pleased to receive gifts of the finest fish, to aid his recovery.



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