Three happy cats 2

50 ‘Catalogues’ seems like a good point to stop and take stock, especially as all the mogs are drowsing happily this afternoon.

Isn’t it all going swimmingly! Why, I have had as many as 15 views sometimes on Goodreads, and once I got a ‘Like’!

On my other social media I sometimes get nearly 2-figure ‘likes’ and the odd comment, (thanx Jan!) but then they have the benefit of illustrations culled from the lives of my cats and from the internet, which have more appeal.

So why do I bother writing little-heeded MogBlogs when I could/should be blogging about books/reading/writing?

There are actually a couple or three sensible reasons for this, or sensible to me.

1) It fits my routine – at my age you need routines otherwise you keep having to think what you ought to be doing next. I do these blogs and then I find my writing fingers and often my brain have warmed up enough to progress my long-suffering characters a little.

2) I’ve tried being literary, and I can’t do it. I’m overfaced by the many brilliant blogs out there -for examples of some I follow with awe;

and there are so many others. Its as if I use up all my writing-related writing simply by – um – writing. I had, years ago, to give up adult teaching because I found the research and development necessary to build decent courses used up too much of that specific type of energy that I’ve been using for many years now to work on fiction.

3) I really, really love cats, especially the many gorgeous ones I’ve been lucky enough to live with. 15 views and one like is fine, it means I’ve connected with a few other madcatpurrsons – bliss!

Back to my aged boys next time 🙂




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