Sparky and Dusty on front step of prefab with HG 4822

Actually, this is a bit of a general PETALOGUE today.

Seeing that the cats are again fairly quiet, now that we’ve got over Fluff’s unfortunate rear end problems this morning and Mystic’s drops, I’ll go back in time.

My parents and I all being equally nuts about pets, we had quite a few. I don’t have pictures of them all but am working to retrieve and scan those I do have. There were several rabbits, the most memorable of which was a gorgeous black boy called Poco – very intelligent and loving, he lived outside but used to play racing games around the garden with the dog, and come indoors to visit sometimes.

I’ve previously mentioned Dusty, the feral kitten rescued to become a soppy drooling devotee of my Mum. His patterning reminds me of Mystic, but the ‘maps’ on Dusty’s back were dark grey where Mystic’s are black.

I deeply regret the goldfish brought home from the fair and kept in bowls – we did our best for them, but we didn’t know in those days how wrong this was. Similarly with tortoises, who everyone kept in the garden in those days before import restrictions – we loved them all but were ignorant of their needs. My little white mouse whisky was a treasure too, I’m sometimes tempted to keep mice now, but they wouldn’t go too well with the aged cats.

Twinky the blue budgie was a character, like all budgies, and chattered to us all; he came out of his cage a lot, especially in the evenings, and liked to kiss people. He would sit on a chair-arm and converse with the dog.

You’ll have guessed that the dog was a bit remarkable, what with these close relationships with other species. She was a lab/spaniel cross and we took her in when Mum heard there was an unwanted litter going to be drowned (the good old days, eh?) I think the others all got homes too, but they were only 4 weeks and so poor Sparky whimpered miserably for 3-4 days, even though we took it in turns to cuddle her all the time. She won through and grew up loving and intelligent and gorgeous. I could write a book about her, really. But for now it’s good just to remember all this wonderful creatures who came to live with us.

Sparky at West Hoe one Sunday


2 thoughts on “CATALOGUE 52

    1. She was an outstanding dog in every way, there really is a least a short book potential in her many skills and loving ways. Still miss her.


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