Well, it will soon be time for the gericatrics first visit to my wonderful local cattery. As I usually do with cats that are new to the cattery, I’ve just emailed a long outline of what the boys are like and what they do, etc. So for today’s CATALOGUE I’m going to paste in the main section of the email. It’s nice to feel that I’ve grown to know them so much better, and it goes without saying that I love them more as the time goes on – also that there’s now much ore to life than food in/food out:

Mystic is the oldest at 18, and is easily recognised by having only 1.5 ears. He is affectionate, cuddly and sleepy, but definitely still the Godfather in spite of slightly wobbly legs. He has cataract in both eyes but the right is more advanced. The sore place on his nose is very persistent, I keep getting it nearly healed then he washes the scab off again! If he has any digestive upset he may either vomit or get the runs, this has been fairly well settled recently though, after a turbulent first few months trying to find a food that suited everyone. He’s a still bit lazy about where he toilets, I do wonder sometimes if he’s getting dementia or at least elderly confusion.

Fluff (16)is also obvious as he’s fluffy, and seriously pretty. He’s quite little under his fluff, and tends to hang around with Mystic in a deferential way. He too loves a cuddle and has a huge purr. His preferred digestive tract upset is constipation, which as you know can be disastrous in a long-hair when it corrects itself with an explosive reaction. This too is better than it was, I always add water to his wet food as I have never seen him drink, this seems to have helped. His toileting is mostly OK now.

Felix (16) looks just like Felix, so that’s easy. He’s a sweetheart, well they all are in their own ways. He is the odd one out though, which is a shame. I feed him separately, I mean in a separate room, as the other two stare at him intimidatingly which makes him bolt the food and then bring it back. Now that he eats alone he has little trouble with his digestion and is a very good sensible boy, drinking his water after every meal and he’s the only one who unfailingly goes out to the garden to toilet. He’s not exactly cuddly but does like attention and will sit on my lap furtively when the others are not looking. I suspect he may be deaf, which is odd in a tuxedo cat – will check this with the vet next time he needs to go in for anything.




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