cat flea bite

Flea treatment day today!

I’ve survived that better than yesterday’s warm bath for Fluff’s sore bottom…..

Mystic slept on my lap all the way through and seemed not to notice I was parting his hair, let alone squeezing liquid onto his skin.

Fluff on his towel-bedraped chair (just in case) sort of half woke up but made no comment on the procedure.

Felix on his (ditto) chair came awake like a Dragon in a Pinch, wriggled, squirmed, moved each bit of skin I tried to squeeze the stuff onto just as I got there, and then escaped. I think he did get the dose, though.

Why are these things labelled ‘Avoid squeezing onto fur?’

Has no-one in the pharmaceutical development team ever actually seen a cat?

Worming next month, Oh Joy!

cat bath


2 thoughts on “CATALOGUE 55

    1. Frankly, the whole business of living with these three is so confusing, one more confusion is nothing! They are lovely though.
      PS I don’t mind if you have time, for you to share any of these on any site, also my posts in Eluth Publishing. Ta. (Time, what’s that? I hear you say.)


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