Cat hissing at laptop computer.

Another development is taking place in the Mogs’ pattern of behaviour. Over the last few days the need to work out a way to all sit on me at once, or as close as possible, is driving an evolution towards spending more time all together in the living room while Human watches the corner box or stares at oblong items in her hands.

There have of course been some hissy-scratches, with someone trying to jump up without noticing there’s already an occupant of my lap, but on the whole I feel we may be at the beginning of a real step forward for them and for me, since even Felix is showing an ability to compromise – sometimes.

Due to various conditions, I use a leg-rest when sitting on the sofa, and this has helped the new dispensation. Two nights running now, Mystic has curled up in my lap and Fluff has snuggled into the space between my ankles on the leg-rest. They’ve stayed comfortably for some time on each occasion. I would not dream of pointing out to Fluff that this isn’t true lap-sitting, since it seems to work for him.

Felix is the most interesting, as up until the last few days he would always either start a fight or slink away looking hurt if he found even one of the others sitting on me. Instead he’s taken to snuggling on the sofa-arm, graciously accepting kind words and stroking. It’s almost idyllic. (He gets more individual lap-time now too, by being more assertive than he used to be – but I wonder if he’ll ever actually grasp the concept of lap-sharing.)

All this relative harmony is very pleasing. The main difficulty for me is that of turning the pages of the aforementioned oblong object!

What will tomorrow bring?

'Race you to the nearest lap?'


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