fixing windows

The cats are much intrigued today by the arrival of two men in a van who are now wandering about the house making banging noises.

What they are doing is replacing individual window-panes which have lost their double-glazed status and become cloudy.

Well, all but two of them, since two more have popped since the other guy did the survey…..

Fluff is convinced they’ve come to see him, and keeps giving them his best adorable fluffy cat smile. Felix is running about importantly with an air of being in charge of the whole operation.

Mystic is asleep. Dear old Mystic. He’s a slow old thing, but very lovely. I know he’ll wake up for lunch, though, as for every meal. Wonder if he’ll notice the two extra humans at all…..

cat fluffy 1CAT TUXEDO 2cat sleeping 2


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