Cats eating 2

Interlude (enforced)

The cats have been as interesting as ever (well, to me they have.)

The interlude between bulletins has been due to my personal suffering. Less melodramatically, I have had a swollen face, which is now unswelling nicely. I can’t tell whether it’s dental or glandular, but it’s going away and seem unlikely to prevent my attending Oxonmoot, which is the main thing I worried about.

I wish I could regale you with the sorts of tales you read in cat magazines; ‘He was so sweet, he knew I was poorly and snuggled up to comfort me, etc, etc. However, here in the Old Kitties Home, it was life as usual; ‘Food! Now!’ they cried. ‘Sit down now we demand cuddles!’ they shouted. Well the sitting down was OK but by some uncanny instinct every affectionate nuzzle seemed to be aimed straight at the swollen bit. Thanks, pussies dear.

I’m looking forward as eagerly as usual to Oxonmoot, with the provisos that all cat people will understand; worry and guilt.

‘Will they be OK in the cattery? Will they think I’m never coming back? Will they pine and refuse to eat?’

Answers; Yes. Probably but they won’t care cos the cattery is so nice. Definitely not.


2 thoughts on “CATALOGUE 61

  1. Little dears! 😀 My two were pleased to see me back from the Discworld on Wedsnesday, but I had to take both of them to the vets this monring… I thought I might be coming away without Benji last night as he was miserable and very weak, refusing to come away from the sofa to go to bed – usually this is one of the highlights of the day and the cause of much yapping and bouncing about. He officially has doggie dementia but today we’re also addressing his stiff limbs which should make life less painful and tiring for him.
    Toby’s ‘ouchie’ is less problematic as he’s strained something in his foot so he’s on anti-biotics for 10 days and no long walkies until week until it heals up a little.
    Benji also had a temperature so is also on anti-biotics and didn’t help with him feeling fed up – they’ve both come home with raging appetites and seem much brighter so catastrophe avoided! 😉
    Hope yours are feeling in good fettle when they book into their hotel during Oxenmoot 😀


    1. Poor dear doggies, I’m glad the vet was helpful – all such a worry. I hope you really enjoyed the convention, bits kept popping up on FB and everyone seemed to be loving it. Am feeding Best Auntie Jen’s three this weekend while they have a break, a very different proposition from mine as they disdain STRANGE people and flee if I speak to them… they eat the food when I’m not looking, though! Give auntie Sue’s love to your poorly boys, plus a gentle pat. Will be thinking of them


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