'I suppose you're all wondering why I called this meeting?'

Double cats!

This weekend I have six cats to look after. My neighbour Best Auntie Jen and her family are off for a weekend break, and it’s my privilege to feed her lovely cats twice daily.

It would be even better if I could cuddle and cosset them – but they don’t like strange people, and by the looks on their faces they think I’m one of the strangest people they have ever seen. I go in and call ‘Hello cats it’s auntie Sue! Food’s coming!’ but am met with total silence. If I dare go and look for them to check they are all OK, I can hear scufflings as they embed themselves more deeply in their hiding places. When I do catch a glimpse of them, the indignation in their stares is off the scale even of cat indignation.

It’s very humbling.

Mine are continuing to get more cuddly, and to be willing to put up with each other’s relatively close proximity in order to achieve maximum cuddling time. It’s very nice but as Best Auntie Jen noted the other day, I’m constantly covered in cat-hair. I have all the usual tools for dealing with this, but to be honest I find the best one is to keep separate sets of clothing, changing into hairless ones just before going out, and back into less reputable garments on arriving home.

Perhaps it’s just as well the other three are less cuddly, come to think of it. But then, you can’t have too many cat cuddles.



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