Felix, Fluff and Mystic would like to apologise to their loyal fans for their enforced absence; they have been on holiday at Dorwell cattery where the humans were acceptably hard-working and dealt fairly efficiently with food, litter-trays, and TLC. They did not miss Mummy at all and had to be persuaded to give up their mid-afternoon snoozes to come home.

They have been yowling at Mummy that it’s time for a new Catalogue, but she has been fussing about ‘laundry,’ whatever that it, and ‘catching up,’ whatever an up is and whyever she should want to catch one.

They have now retrained Mummy into promptly serving meals three times daily, changing litter trays upon demand, and sitting for as much of the day as possible beneath a heap of cats – although they do allow a coffee-break occasional upon polite application.

On the whole, they are fairly pleased to be home again.

dorwell-2 cats


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