Three contented cats, and all poos in the litter tray! It seems they really were undisturbed by their sojourn at the cattery, and are now identifying this as home (and me as the cook/housekeeper.)


They are quite without interest in the activities of the decorator or of the man who came to check out the new moth outbreak in my carpets this morning. Mothman! Not just an urban legend.

No doubt when exterminating day comes they and I will have to keep away from the rooms affected, but I suspect that won’t faze them either.

And I’ve caught up with the laundry, and other jobs arising from being away, so I can get down to a new period of serious work on ‘The Dry Well.’ I suspect it won’t be out for Christmas as it’s ‘grown in the telling,’ to quote professor Tolkien. But I’ll get it out as soon as I can, without compromising its quality.

As long as the cats will allow it!

mothman  mothe-exterminator


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