ellaface ELLA

News today from home and away in the cat world.

First please all send positive thoughts to my beloved grandcat Ella, who had a dash to the vet yesterday with a painful paw caused by a claw growing into the pad. Ella is old and arthritic and so walks less than she used to, and her mummies were horrified to find this had happened. One claw-trim and two injections later she was home and much more comfortable.

In the past I have trimmed cat-claws myself, but it’s a tricky business, not just when a cat is of a volatile temperament but generally, because the claw is not dead as the sharp end of human nails is. If you try to cut too far down you can cause real pain and damage, so it’s best to have the vet do it if you have any doubt at all. There’s lots of advice online from reputable organisations if you feel your cat is likely to accept it, but out of all the cats in my life there have only been two I felt able to do it for!

On the home front things are remarkably peaceful still, and astoundingly unmessy – it’s all going in the litter-tray! Also, as they relax there are signs of rapprochement among the three boys. Last night when Fluff and Mystic were both on my lap, Mystic rolled over and gave Fluff’s head a thorough wash. Then this morning when Felix the rebel was on my lap, Mystic climbed up to share the leg-rest with my legs, and I was able to keep Felix calm and relaxed – he usually runs off rather than share his mummy. They both snoozed for a while and Felix never noticed that at one stage their backs were resting against each other! Progress indeed.

The spats now mostly happen around mealtimes, of course, but that’s probably not avoidable when you have more than one cat, they all want to be fed first.

cat feed me 2


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