Grasping the marketing bull by the brass ring…

turning words into Worlds

As most of you will know by now, I’ve been trying to improve on my merchanting skills by dint of embracing Twitter (and Facebook a bit – it’s just not ‘me’ so much) and in particular by joining theRave Reviews Book Club. Now before you think this a recruitment post for them, it isn’t! Honestly. What it’s about is using your various author platforms to drive business to the sales point of your titles.

So, onto the point of this. On the 15th August I put out a major ‘come hither’ post on ourDreamless Roads Blogger site ~ PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK! – but don’t go away just yet…

Now, this is essentially a huge team-tagging exercise for a month-long book and blog block party where there were up to three separate blog posts a day by the RRBC members participating. I chose to post on…

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