(The cats have given permission…)

Yesterday was a washout as far as writing was concerned but probably the single most sensible thing I’ve done for some time.

I had been subliminally worried for a few weeks that one of my tyres registered lower than was usual before each regular top-up of air. In other words, it was losing air faster than the other three. So I booked the car into the workshop and drove off, assuming I’d be home for lunch.

Actually it transpired that I was right to feel uneasy and right to follow up on the feeling, since in fact two tyres had reached ‘dangerous’ condition. I was not home for lunch but took lunch nearby while the replacements were sourced and fitted. The cats’ lunch was late, but they survived – and so did I, the car, and anybody I might have hit had this not been discovered.

Moral – follow that gut feeling, it’s trying to tell you something.

So anyway, ‘The Dry Well’ did not get printed yesterday. When I sat down to the job today I found the desk-section where I store ‘paper-used-on-one-side-to-use-for-rough-printouts’ was empty, so i started searching file-cabinets for new stocks. Well, old stocks, you know what I mean.

An hour later I stopped reading and finally got it printed. What fascinating stuff there is lurking in my cabinets! Some of those creative-writing students I taught years ago really knew what they were doing, they certainly didn’t need me. And I used to make far too many handouts, but those are useful for printouts like today’s. Then there were cards and letters from an incredible number of years ago. Wow!

I really will start with the red pen tomorrow, honest.


'Uh-Oh. . . Got a flat!'
‘Uh-Oh. . . Got a flat!’

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