A pleasant calm prevails this morning after an odd week of poorly cat, poorly car and a brief resurgence of antagonism between the cats. Now the sun is out, it’s warmer than forecast, and the mogs are all at rest, each in his favourite spot.

Should this happy state continue, I may well manage to do some work! Both in the garden and on ‘The Dry Well.’

Perhaps my personal logo should combine a red pen crossed with green secateurs, in a cat-shaped outline shaded black-and white? But what would my motto be? I generally use ‘Nil Desperandum,’ life being what it is. Although the connections between the elements of this might not be totally clear….

But I ramble, as I so often do. Time to get on before it all goes pear-shaped!

Have, as they say, a good day.

red-pens  secateur



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