Time for an update on the three boys as they settle further and start to show more of their personalities to me and to each other.

Mystic may be the boss of the other cats, but towards me he is very loving and sweet. Very tolerant of things like eyedrops for example. He is the one who is most likely to follow me to wherever I’m working and sit nearby. He not only washes bits of the other two cats now and then, but washes bits of me during the communal evening cuddle. His coat is lovely, thick and soft and he seems very content despite the half-ear and the dodgy sight. Sometime he lies down suddenly on his side, or drops into one of those deep deep sleeps that make you wonder if he’s just died – but so far he’s always woken up again, thankfully.

Fluff has taken on a more positive attitude since the magical medicine came into his life – not being afflicted with bowel troubles is definitely nicer for him. (Well, d’uh!) He too has a silky coat, as it’s longer I try to brush and comb him more than the other two but he’s not specially grateful. He’d prefer a cuddle with that melodious purr of his at full pitch. he sometimes comes up to the study for a sit but is more likely to come when he thinks it’s nearly a meal-time, and yell at me. Like Mystic, he goes out but only for a short time in the garden.

Felix is still fond of ‘out’, it’s a nice place. Recently he crossed the close and wandered uninvited into Best Auntie Jen’s kitchen. As soon as she spoke to him, he fled. he’s a bit given to fleeing, a bit suspicious still. Although he’s more cuddly with me and more affectionate than he was, he’s still tense and will sometimes lash out at the others. It’s defensive, a lack of trust. I’ve decided to go down the Feliway route to see if it helps. It’s getting to be great fun remembering which cat likes which food, which needs which supplements, which likes which treats, etc. Felix can only eat ‘in jelly’ and always throws up ‘in gravy’ or ‘in sauce’ varieties, which the others find a great treat. Hopefully all this is good or my brain.

Today Felix is sleepy and didn’t really want lunch, so maybe I’ll be off to the vet again tomorrow? I do hope not for his sake – when this happens to any of them it’s usually brief and I think is related to agedness.

It’s all good.



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