Another nice round number.

Felix is fine now, much more perky. He and Mystic both drink a fair bit of water, so I’m monitoring that to be sure to consult the vet should it become excessive. Fluff still hasn’t noticed there are bowls of water, he still needs it added to some of his meals.

The catflap saga is still running. Felix still tends to go out of a door and back through the catflap, exiting through it only if I hold it open.

Mystic has suddenly decided that it’s fun to get me to hold the flap open for him to go out, and then again for him to come in. Not on every walkies, thankfully.

Fluff has taken hardly any notice of the catflap, except for the memorable occasion of his last (hopefully now really his very last) poo disaster when I thought I’d confined him to the utility and kitchen for the duration so that I’d only have easy-clean floors. He then went out of the catflap and back in through the French window onto the nice light-coloured living-room carpet. Bless him.

The Feliway came today and it’s plugged in – hoping for a deeply relaxed Felix any day now!

Schrodinger's Cat Flap, "Am I in or out?"
Schrodinger’s Cat Flap, “Am I in or out?”

3 thoughts on “CATALOGUE 70

    1. ‘Yes and no’ is my usual answer to that cartoon mog! 🙂 Mystic is door-obsessed, I find him staring at ones he hasn’t yet been through (and may never be allowed through) with his little head hanging sadly. Awww.

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