Back towards the beginning of this catalogue sequence I recall saying that each cat had a chosen safe place to sleep. Mystic’s was the doughnut that used to belong to Jerry, and it was beside me on the sofa. Fluff’s was the fluffy cushion that used to be Oscar’s and it was on the chair that first Oscar and then Jerry liked to sleep in. (Really Andrew’s chair, Oscar took to it after Andrew’s death, I think because he was looking for his daddy.) Fluff’s was a dining-room chair where he was hidden by the table-cloth.

Prior to this, they had all firmly rejected my nice wicker cat-basket beds, and seemed to have no idea what they might be for.

This, like every aspect of their behaviour and preferences, has now moved on, to the extent that the doughnut and cushion, once washed, will be stored away. Their very favourite place to sleep is still ON MUMMY, usually three at once. However, I refuse to spend my entire day on the sofa for this purpose.

Fluff otherwise divides his time between the back of one of the sofas, which is in front of a window so he can nose at the neighbours, and a little niche at the top of the stairs that used to be Oscar’s Place.

Mystic is very often to be found lying across the top of the stairs, especially when I want to carry something up or down, a fraught business for me even without extra barriers.

Felix still prefers the dining-room, it’s still ‘my room’ as far as he is concerned. Recently he took to lying on the table-cloth which I had to remove, wash and store, leaving the protector for him – it’s easily wiped and dusted, but I still hold out hopes for his becoming more at ease with the other two and my being able to close that room off at night as well as the living room.

I guess the next shift might well relate to the changing seasons – they’ve only lived here in summer, after all. Once the underfloor heating starts coming on they’ll discover the hot-spots. Once I light the woodburner on really cold days, will they sit companionably on the hearth-rug? One can but dream.

Probability - if you have 5 cats, 4 will be asleep.



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