Love, licking and a Catflap Coda

I frequently wonder how exactly the three cats are genetically related and what their previous relationship was like. Sadly the refuge had only skant information about this, and all three have been given what appear to be estimated dates of birth on their record cards, all May 5th.

This seems an unlikely coincidence, given that Mystic is two years older, whether they are siblings or half-siblings.

One of the clues to their having been together for the 16 years of Fluff’s and Felix’s lives is Mystic’s strong tendency to parent the others. (This has increased over the last two days with the Feliway.) He’s always tended to wash me and Fluff, and indeed Felix if the latter is fast asleep in my lap and so doesn’t notice. Last night he joined Fluff on my lap and more or less bathed him, washing about 80% of him before Fluff said enuff and ran away.

Could Mystic be the father of the other two? Although it’s more usual for kittens to stay with the mother, I suppose it’s not impossible. I guess it’s not worth getting DNA tests! But if they were quite little when they joined the household, and Mystic was already neutered, he could well have been quite caring towards them whether related or not.

Sadly the only effect on Felix of the Feliway seems to be that he’s more aggressive, not less. While the other two are competing to out-soppy each other, he keeps walloping them -have switched it off for now. Pheromones are tricky things, it seems.

Catflap – last night I was in the utility room when Mystic popped in through the flap all by himself! This gives me hope that those who feel the need to go out in the winter chill will be able to do so without me getting up to open doors for them. Phew!



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