Brief today as I had a day off yesterday and am trying to catch up on stuff.

Mystic’s nose is my theme – the unhealing not-quite-hole he’s had on his little pink nose ever since we met.

Quite simply, has anyone else ever had a cat with this problem, and if so do you have any advice for me, any knowledge of a magic cure?

The vet told me that it’s unlikely to be related to the skin cancer that led to Mystic’s ear being half-amputated; while there is always a risk of that coming back, it’s not usual for it to appear on noses.

The only thing that’s helped at all is his sun-screen cream, which is also anti-bacterial, and which forms a neat little cap on it sometimes, thus protecting it for a while. Of course Mystic washes that off eventually.

Any advice/experience very welcome.



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