cat flea bite

I have just wet-brushed, wet-combed, and wet fine-tooth combed 3 mogs of differing reactions, but am unharmed. Exhausted, but unharmed. Mind you, I shall have to do it all again several times. I’m using very dilute cider vinegar, apparently fleas hate it.

Yes, fleas. I wasn’t going to mention this online, yet here I am. Indian Summer is extending the little beasties’ breeding season, and they’ve been spotted on the cats. The man hasn’t even been to sort the moths out yet, and here are more little horrors!

Life is coming down to cleaning and spraying furniture and carpets, laundering everything in sight, mostly at temperatures higher than suggested on the labels, and tackling the catcoats.

Here’s how it went the first time.

Mystic – smiles and purrs, lay still when turned upside down and closed his eyes, sticking his little pink tongue out – totally relaxed. He went off happily to dry in the sun and I had to dash out with sunshield cream.

Felix – no, I can’t really speak about Felix, the memory is too raw. I may have to hire assistants next time. OMG. But I did it!

Fluff – much harder because of his longer fur, but he’s less recalcitrant than Felix. Did a fairly good job.

On the follow-up I may bathe the FFs – separately, of course. They’ve each had to be bathed before for accidents in transit, and took it better than this. It’s worth a try – I may only need one assistant.

Thankfully all this has left a little time for some editing. I used to think of that as hard work!

Itchy cat


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