cat zzz

Well, I seem to be awake again today. Currently all the cats are resting quietly, and they are definitely scratching less. I am continuing Deep Combing, and the whole situation is looking brighter given the amazing performance of the new vacuum cleaner. It’s drawing up stuff from the carpets and furniture that must have been lurking a shamefully long time.

I feel sorry that I may have unwittingly encouraged an environment in which the cats could suffer this affliction, by not noticing the gradually declining performance of the built-in vacuum system. In a sense, it’s good for me and the cats, and certainly life is easier for the lady who cleans for me, now that the system finally packed up and prompted a technology update.

I still plan to get the built-in repaired, but that’s not a high priority while there are still fleas to murder.

Editing of ‘The Dry Well’ is also a higher priority than those repairs, and is proceeding in spite of everything. I’m almost through the red pen stage and looking forward to the corrections and rewriting bit. There’s still remarkably nice weather outside, s I’m still tinkering with the garden, but am reaching the stage at which I really need to rise to the top of the gardener’s list to get the bigger pre-winter jobs done. Winter!

Rosemary Trees


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