Life is still full of fleas, or more accurately the ongoing battle to further reduce both their presence and the likelihood of their resurgence.

Has anyone ever written a horror novel about fleas? They are certainly giving me a chilly feeling down the spine.

By way of variation, I did dry-combing this morning. I saw nothing live on Mystic, who as usual was the most tolerant of the three, although basically they are all getting fed up with it.

Fluff seemed clear of live fleas too, though both boys need more combing for flea-dirt and potential eggs. I can see this shaping my life for the duration of theirs!

Felix is a hard case – I don’t think four people together could hold him still enough for a thorough combing. Also, although he has the shortest coat, its very dense, fine, close-packed hair, so it’s hard to see his skin at all, and more of it is black. I suspect his flea treatment may not all reach his skin when you combine the wriggles with the dense fur.

Certainly he deposits higher levels of dirt and probably of eggs, although whether the latter are now viable I can’t be sure.

Time to consult the vet, definitely, although probably by phone rather than drag the mogs off in baskets unless it becomes essential. They’re finding all this handling by their formerly kind mummy very stressful, especially poor old Mystic.

I foresee the possibility of my having to renege on a a vow I swore after Oscar’s untimely death. Until Oscar, I used Program injections 6-monthly for all my cats. When he had a bad skin reaction to his first dose, I was unaware of any possible deeper significance, but now know that there is at least anecdotal evidence possibly linking the injection to some forms of cancer in some cats; the one that killed Oscar sounded very like it.

So – I said I’d never use it again. Now I think I should discuss with the vet whether in the case of three such ancient cats it’s not a better idea to have them free of fleas for however long they have left? Not an easy decision, and I need some informed input to make it.

Please respond if you happen to have any knowledge here that will help me, and more importantly help the mogs.

Mystic waiting for Mum




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