Tis done, the cats are Program’d!

Mystic and Fluff were fine, Felix broke three needles before his dose was finally administered. He has quite a determined streak, my tuxedo boy.

In a short while we should be free of the itches and bites and able to relax more.

I may try to alternate MogBlogs and writing blogs if that seems feasible, but don’t hold your breath as I find the cats so fascinating. Maybe one or two of you do, as well!

Just now they are all asleep recovering from their dreadful morning when mummy let a nasty lady stick needles in them. I’m sure more exciting adventures will be coming along. I must soon start on today’s editing stint before they all wake up and demand the next meal. 🙂

'The good news is, he's not afraid of heights.'


2 thoughts on “CATALOGUE 78

    1. Yes indeed – he’s paranoid, suspicious and defensive (like his mummy!) but that doesn’t mean they’re not out to get him 🙂


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