Mystic waiting for Mum

Mild cat alarm over the last twenty-four hours. I woke up full of anticipation yesterday as I had a lunch date in Exeter with Jane Curry, one of my very favourite writers, and it had been many years since we last met.

This meant that for the first time since adopting the pusses I would be leaving them with only dry food for lunch and would be away twice as long as they have given permission for!

So of course Mystic said, ‘I don’t feel like any breakfast, Mummy.’

I persuaded him to eat a little, and decided he would be fine. I had an immensely enjoyable day, but when I got home he was still distinctly anti-eating. Call myself a cat-mummy?

Again I coaxed a little down him.

Thankfully this morning he seemed to enjoy a smaller-than-usual breakfast, soft, mashed and pureed with water added.

So at the supermarket I bought a few small cans of ‘pate’ for cats, ‘tender bits in sauce’ and that kind of thing, and he enthusiastically devoured the whole ‘pate’ plus added water, then came and cuddled for an hour. He seems fine now. More than I can say for my nerves and guilt!

Keep calm and remember they’re really, really old – that must be my motto.

Cat cross about food 1


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