The cats are resettled after the great flea adventure, and Mystic is thriving on softer food. There will be future bulletins of course, but meanwhile I’m still sharing poems. You are encouraged to comment as writers in community should do!


I never heard her coming.

Yes, I’m deaf now, but then
reading had the same effect.

There she was, shouting,
“What did you get for your homework!?”

“2 out of 10 Miss.”
“Yes, and now you’re reading a library book!”

Her grabbing at my shoulder hurt;
The smack hurt more.
But I didn’t cry.

I was busy inside, realising.

For one thing, teachers can see
through solid wood.

For another thing –
and this was the big one –

some people thought
it wasn’t good to read.

Some people didn’t think like me.

Some people didn’t even like me.

So I became a librarian.

I’ve never stopped a single person reading;
all over the country
people’s houses are piled high with books I’ve given them
friends’ handbags stuffed with scribbled lists

and I never did get much more
than 2 out of 10 for maths.

She was just angry.
She didn’t know
she was giving me



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