Lots of changes with the cats while I’ve been (a) dealing with domestic stuff and (b) posting poems instead of pusscats.

The battle of the fleas is now in the past, and all three cats are enjoying more peaceful snoozes and getting (mostly) far less cross with each other. However, a week ago I made a dramatic and impulsive change. I could not work out why the catwee smell was back on the landing, until suddenly one night at bedtime I spotted Mystic at it on the carpet. He’s regressed. Well, he’s now 18.5 which roughly equals 90 so I think he’s allowed to get a bit confused. He confuses me too, since he sometimes goes out and dashes up the wall and into the next garden, while at other times he seems hardly able to walk to the kitchen for dinner.

Anyhow, as they say in a certain sort of novel, ‘something snapped inside me’ that night, and I gathered all three cats and put them in the kitchen and utility for the night. Then I slept badly, feeling guilty, especially when I woke up and realised there was no-where comfy to sleep in those rooms. Also, would Felix eat the others since he so much loves his privacy, and besides wasn’t this unfair on Felix who never does anything in the wrong place, while neither of the others is wholly reliable?

They got a very early breakfast next day, and of course were all well, and all the litter-trays were full. Yay! I’ve now kept to this routine and they have apparently accepted it – I make sure they have a bed each – heaps of old towels for easy washing – it’s very warm in there thanks to the boiler, and weeing on the carpet has more or less vanished again.

I miss Mystic and Fluff coming to help me get out of bed each morning, but it had to change, unfortunately. On the whole they are getting on better with each other, and the pile-of-three on Mummy is now less common – as if they aren’t so desperate for comfort. Maybe the more enclosed sleeping-quarters has helped that?

With cats this age there are bound to be more changes soon, but this one’s worked out well. Phew!



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