Mystic waiting for Mum

Exciting to be back in my study after 4 days of being unable to breathe in here after the moth-spraying.

I said in Catalogue 80 there would be more changes and so there have been. On Sunday Mystic washed his face after lunch. And, as he has done so many times before, he knocked the scab off the sore bit on his nose.

This time he also managed to make the whole thing bigger and a lot of blood ran out of his nose, I had to staunch it with tissues. So back to the vet on Monday.

This time the vet and I had to look the situation in the eye and accept that it’s cancerous. It had by then scabbed over again but after an examination that was the only realistic conclusion. There’s nothing to be done but make life as good for him as possible for as long as possible. 18.5 is a good long life anyway in cat terms. But I’ve only known him for four months and on the selfish side, I hope he can stay around for a good while.

He had an antibiotic injection which lasts for 2 weeks, in case of subsidiary infection – it does seem to be helping and the scab stayed on for a while – when it came off this morning there was no more bleeding, though the crater is still there.

Mystic is eating well, demanding first choice of cuddling Mummy, and yesterday when the rain stopped and it was warmish, he went out for a wander. He’s sleeping more than he did before, and tending to do so up on the back of the sofa, presumably to avoid the other two.

So the other change is that I’ve now separated bedtimes – Mystic and Fluff go in the kitchen, Felix, who actually prefers privacy, gets to sleep in the dining room again with a litter tray etc in the hall. I really don’t want him scratching Mystic and breaking that damaged skin down any faster than it’s doing on its own.

So what’s round the next feline corner?



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