I’m still unearthing old poems to share, please note I am happy for people to comment on how bad/good/terrible they are and why!

Here’s another poem based on Tolkien, so far I have not received a message by Nazgul from the Estates threatening my demise for plagiarism…..

Barliman Butterbur is a canny fellow;
Bright white his apron shines, and his cat is yellow.

Barliman is not the kind to water down the cider,
He has a smile for all who come; Hobbits, Dwarves – and Strider!

Barliman is famous for his ale as dark as Fangorn
And from his kitchens there come forth such pies as dreams are made on.

Through old Barley’s hands there pass coinage by the bushel
Silver pennies, copper pieces – scooped up with a shovel!

Long may Barley’s pony prance, long may he delight us
With foaming mugs and platters heaped and pewter of the brightest!

Good old Barley Butterbur, a kind and jolly fellow;
Bright as roses are his cheeks, and his cat is yellow.


2 thoughts on “WRITING FOR A CHANGE 7

  1. Well – I meant to do this sooner, but I think Barley would empathise… First one thing, then another and before you know the next thing drives out all thought of t’other two and all the rest is blowing in the winds. 😛
    Lovely little piece m’dear! 😉

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