Mystic’s behaviour has definitely changed significantly since the nose incident that sent me hurrying him to the vet.

He is still looking fairly well for an old, old cat. His coat is lovely, he eats up all his food and looks to see if the others have left any, he goes out for a wander – he was actually clambering around in the bushes today.

But he’s developed some new traits too. He often climbs up to the back of the sofa, sometimes spending the whole evening there in a deep sleep. When I carry him out to the kitchen for the night and put him on his bed, he just goes on snoozing.

By contrast, he’s now much more pro-active and assertive in claiming his right to first choice of sitting on Mummy, and will wallop the other two if they try to share. Not always, but more often than he used to. Rest and cuddles have become more important to him. Sometimes when he’s purring there’s a rattling noise in his nose, and the nostril where the sore bit is runs very slightly most of the time.

He shows no sign of being in pain or even discomfort except for the occasional jump, as if something has stung or touched him.

I’m watching carefully, and Best Auntie Jen says he’s doing OK. For now.


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