The cats and I have enjoyed our few days off in the company of a dear friend. Well, I was allowed to watch while the cats fell deeply in love with their new auntie, especially Felix, and queued up to sit on her, kiss her and generally be bowled over by her.

The old mogs are even calmer now, thanks to her kind input of love and cuddles. I think it may also have something to do with the central heating starting to come on, as they have each selected particular points on the carpets to sleep on – does under-floor heating have hot spots where circuits cross, or whatever?

Auntie also worked a miracle that should improve the whole of the rest of the cats’ lives, not to mention mine.

She knew a solution to lingering smells.

No carpet scrubbing

No nasty sprays that set off asthma.

No lining every floor in the house with rows and rows of litter trays.

Nope – BICARB! Bicarbonate of soda. Sodium bicarbonate. Baking Powder.

Place a small bowl of the dry powder in the affected room/hallway/landing, and it absorbs the smell. Also works in your fridge.

It’s true, it works, it’s cheap, it’s simple. Chuck out your Glade and Febreze. IT REALLY WORKS.

Christmas will have to go some to beat this….. thanks dear cat-auntie 🙂



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