(Another poem set in Tolkien’s Middle-earth)

I laid a lawn when my house was new,
Faithfully fed its dark slow greening.
Borders rampant with feverfew
Rosemary, lavender, medlar leaning

Kingsfoil, comfrey spreading sweet;
These I nourished about its border.
I nursed my lawn through the summer heat,
Banished the fallen leaves’ disorder,

Watched it sleep through the winter’s chill
And trimmed it anew with spring’s returning.
Through my children’s games my lawn flourished still,
Its green blades cheerfully, stoutly rising

Till the Shadow rose in the eastern sky
And the city’s gardens sickened, dying
As our children died at the Steward’s cry
On the sullied grass by the Rammas lying.

I left my house for the western shore
And there I listened to dark waves lilting,
Tearless for all that had gone before,
Dry as the grass in my garden wilting.

One came to us there unlookedfor, speeding,
His stumbling horse all lathered wended
While he waved and shouted, “Now ends our grieving!
The King returns and the Shadow’s ended.


2 thoughts on “WRITING FOR A CHANGE 9

    1. Well I see women of Gondor living under the Shadow as feeling rather serious about stuff – I’m sure she had a feast as soon as the Dark Tower came down! 🙂

      Pity they’ve just laid the foundation for a new one in the USA 😦


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