Peace has come dropping slow upon the cats as Yeats felt it dropping on the Lake-Isle of Innisfree.

I’m longing for a three-cat huddle on mummy – they’ve all taken to the floor.

The temperature has dropped over the last week, leading the central heating to come on at the prescribed times on most days. As the cats only arrived in June, they had no idea that the carpets could become warm and cosy as if by a miracle.

It started with Fluff finding a spot at the corner of the sofa, but now the other two have realised, and have selected what I can only assume are hotspots for their own naps.

I feel quite lonely! I may have to just get on and write Christmas cards at this rate.

And I thought the main benefits of underfloor heating were more wall-space for bookshelves, and hot-air drying for laundry draped over drying racks.

Think of your cats next time you move house – go underfloor!



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